Most lash artists at the beginning of their careers are mostly concerned about the procedure of applying eyelash extensions. The questions and doubts that bother them are the following: Did they manage a good isolation of the natural lash, or whether the extension was glued in the right place, whether enough glue was used or too much and in volume if the fan is an open fan. These are valid concerns and important issues when it comes to a lash master’s job, but don’t forget that good preparation, in any job, is the key to success. Whether the product range is good, will not really matter if you failed to prepare properly before doing the extensions. Let’s start from the beginning. 

What is generally meant by ‘preparation for eyelash extensions’? First of all, it is necessary to have a conversation with the client “ client consultation”. The client consultation will start with the client’s wishes and expectations…Talk to the client, try to find out as much as possible. Their reason for having extensions done and their purpose is of great importance in order to determine what lash technique you will use for each specific client. A lot of clients are having extensions put on so that they can make life easier for themselves and save time, some just don’t want to use mascara anymore and also admit that mascara doesn’t give them the look they long for as a professional. So for example, you can suggest a natural classic look 1:1 extensions for a more natural client who admits they never wear makeup and just wants to naturally enhance their appearance, and for the business professional that has full make up done everyday for work freely advize a nice set of volume lashes.  Keep it realistic and don’t promise lashes that you know will damage their natural lashes. Explain your proposal in detail and point out the advantages of both techniques. You might be tempted to just go with volume on everyone because it works out better for you financially but believe me the client will appreciate your honesty in giving her lashes that will suite her and her lifestyle and we all know a happy/satisfied client will send friends your way and turn into a long time loyal client herself. Your client consultation will also prepare you for hidden problems that you can avoid like if she had lashes before, what she liked or disliked or if there were any problems with previous work. 

All this information is important for the preparation process. Now after the consultation is finished and the method and products are decided on then comes the preparation of the natural lashes. Make sure your client is comfortable as she will be lying down for quite some time. Move-on to the removal of make-up and impurities from the natural lashes. It is also recommended that you ask your clients to come with clean lashes as much as possible to save you time in cleaning and also not to irritate the clients eyes by rubbing and wiping to remove 1kg of makeup from their eyes. This step is often taken for granted but it is necessary to do it in detail and thoroughly. This could be the reason your client comes back after a week or calling to complain that lashes are falling off ‘like autumn leaves from trees’. 

To make your work easier, use a primer, the primer is used after the make up remover. The primer coats the natural lashes so that when the extension with the glue comes in contact with the primer there is an immediate bond, making your work neater and faster. 

What if you have to work on someone else’s work? What if that work is poor and not done correctly? Use a proper glue remover. Be gentle but thorough. Talk to your client so that she doesn’t have to concentrate on the feeling on her eyes. If the wrong product is used it might burn your clients eyes and make it very unpleasant to even continue with doing new lashes. To get the right product consult with colleagues and coaches who have taught you to do extensions and use a product that has been through the proper testing to make sure it is safe for use. Don’t let cost-effectiveness be your only criteria in choosing materials and tools. Sometimes products with a lower price range prove to be good. On the other hand, being informed can bring you great benefits. Today, all brands exist online, follow them and you will know when the products are on sale. By buying products on discount, you can save a significant amount of money, and you will not have to settle for a lower quality. 

A good choice of extensions are very important. The shape, thickness, length, and even the color of the extensions are chosen based on the information you have collected from the client and based on the shape and size of the eye. Let’s move on again to mapping the shape. Eye mapping requires great attention and attention to detail. At the beginning of your lash master’s career, you should consult with colleagues and trainers, until you have enough experience and self-confidence to decide on your own. Practice mapping whenever you can. 

When you are ready and have gone through all the preparations let your client relax and maybe even have a nap during the treatment. Remember to protect the lower lashes by putting the eye pads on. Play quiet and pleasant music, enrich the space with a pleasant aroma and do your best so the client will leave the salon with a smile on her face and most importantly beautiful lashes.