Permanent Make up has become such a big industry, not only for sales and manufacturing of professional products, but also for clients in need of permanent make up treatments like eyebrows, eyes, lips and other. Developing this part of the industry and developing so many different and new techniques and methods.

Why not train and increase your knowledge and practice with Elizna Tripkovic who has been doing permanent make up since 2007. She has trained in the Softap method and the Rotary machine techniques in 2007 from one of the best trainers in South Africa Paula Becker, and since been for training in Microblading at the Babic Academy (before he became Phibrows), did training with Milena Kacavenda and finished numerous courses, conferences and master classes as well as the Adaktar training.

Over the years she has collected so much knowledge in all the various techniques and today having 3 Beauty Salons in 2 different countries and having trained numerous students it would be a mistake to pass on the opportunity to share in her knowledge.

Eyebrows / Eyeliner / Lip liner / Full lip color


  • 4 day training from 9-16h
  • First day we cover theory
  • Second day practice on models commence
  • The student will need models for practice
  • Eyebrows 3x, eyeliner 3x, Lip liner and full lips 3x
  • History of Permanent make up
  • Color mixing
  • Sterilisation and sanitation
  • Pain control and anaesthetics
  • PMU vs Tattoo
  • Skin tones
  • Skin types
  • Contra indications
  • Skin Dermatology/ layers
  • Techniques for treatments
  • Microblading/micro-shading
  • Healing and after care
  • Small business sense
  • Training DVD
  • All materials used during the training is included in the training price
  • 10% discount on all stater packs (not included in the price)
  • In house certificate is given upon completion


  • 7 England Kiay pigments (black, taupe, brown, choc brown, skin, dark red, pink mauve)
  • Softap handtool
  • 25x SofTap needles
  • 25x Microblading blades
  • 25x SofTap double needles
  • F+E 30g anaesthesia
  • Tag 45 gel anaesthesia
  • 1x Box surgical gloves
  • 1x Wet-wipes
  • 1x Medical steel set
  • 1x Box alcohol swabs
  • 1x 1lt Cold Sterilant
  • 50x Pigments rings
  • 1x Skin marker
  • 25x Vitamin A+D 5g
  • 1x Bacroban ointment
  • 1x Pigment mixer
  • 5x Mixer sticks


Students are responsible for bringing their own models, Models are more relaxed when they are familiar with the student.

Lasting cosmetics, training center will be responsible for all expenses of treatments done in the training sessions thus making it free treatments for the Models and students.

Models must be made aware that all treatments will be done by die student under the trainers supervision and Lasting cosmetics are not held accountable for any problems that arise from the student’s work.

Students can choose to take the recommended starter pack or choose to make up their own starter pack.

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with Microblading and shading methods


  • 2 Day training 9-16h
  • Day 1 : Theory (History PMU, client consultation, ect)
  • Day 2 : start of practice on models, 3 models needed
  • Skin types and colors
  • Color mixing
  • Basic dermatology
  • Sterilization and sanitation
  • Microshading/ Softap vs
  • Pigment terminology
  • Product knowledge
  • Eyebrow shaping
  • Healing and home care
  • Contra-indications
  • All material used during training is supplied by
    Lasting Cosmetics and included in the training
  • Upon completion of training a certificate is
    given as proof of completion of training
    Our courses are not yet registered in
    South Africa with PCASA
Brow Shaping

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EYELINER Training (Softap), LIPLINER/FULL LIP COLOR Training (Softap/Rotary)


  • 3 Day training 9-16h
  • Day 1 : Theory (History PMU, client consultation ect.)
  • Day 2-3 : Practice on models
  • 4-6 models needed
  • Skin types and color
  • Color mixing
  • Basic dermatology
  • Sterilization and Sanitation
  • Pain control
  • Small bussiness advice
  • Eyeliner drawing
  • Product knowledge
  • Lip contour & shapes
  • Healing and home care
  • All material used during training is supplied by Lasting cosmetics and included in the training price
  • Upon completion of training a certificate is given as proof of completion of training
Lasting Cosmetics permanent make up lipl liner
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