Once reserved for Hollywood stars and other members of the elite, eyelash extensions are now a commonplace. Today a woman can look chic without anyone noticing the application of different cosmetic tricks. The key to achieving this everyday glamour is utilizing methods of qualifies lash artists who have perfected natural looking lash extensions. If you want to preserve the natural look of your eyelashes, the following tips should be kept in mind:


In order to create sets of subtle dimensions, use extensions of varying lengths, thicknesses and curves. Most manufacturers offer a range of lashes, with 8 – 16mm in length and 0.05 – 0.25 mm in diameter. The combination of length, thickness and curls will provide a look that appears soft, feathery and, most importantly, natural. Mink lashes are recommended for an ultra natural look, but if you prefer the effect of subtle glamour go for the silk ones. Silk extensions have a velvety shine and darker color which enhances the dramatic effect while retaining the natural softness.

Learn all about curls

With detailed knowledge of the types of locks, you’ll be certain which kind to apply for natural looking eyelashes or for a more dramatic effect. For natural impression, make sure that the extension type matches the shape of your natural curls. So if you have slightly curled lashes, it would be best to extend them with B or C type curls. This way you will avoid the lashes looking too contrived, while acquiring that familiar Kendall vibe.

The importance of texture

At any time, the lashes may be in one of three stages of growth: the newly grown (Anagen phase), fully formed (Catagen phase), or close to falling out stage (Telogen phase). An essential part in creating the natural-looking lashes is imitating the usual patterns of growth. This means that the shorter and thinner extensions apply to new growth lashes, while the longer and thicker sets should fit the fully developed ones. Setting the right texture prevents sharp lines and creates a natural look, so that people may compliment you on your good genetics.