Mink EyeLashes

Mink lashes are premium false lashes that are lighter and more flexible then conventional synthetic lashes. 100% Mink lashes are amazing to work with and looks really natural, but are really expensive as they are made of the tail or body hair of the Mink either Siberian or Chinese. The alternative and what our products are made of is Faux mink. This is the man made variety, of Mink lashes. These are the most popular products for professionals on the market at the moment. They look very natural with only a slight shine to them. Some benefits to these lashes are that there are very few allergy cases recorded and they are very affordable, they hold their shape pretty good for weeks on end. Compared to Silk Lashes that are normally a darker, richer, black color and can be shinier than mink lashes. Most of the time they are also thicker to help to keep the shape if it and could be a little uncomfortable to wear because of it. Our selection of Mink lashes include individual lashes in thicknesses 0.05, 0.07, 0.10, 0.15, 0.18, 0.20. We also supply already made volume lashes 2-5D in 0.10 thickness.