10 Reasons why the profession of lash artist should be your choice of profession

We all know we live in a time full of challenges. To choose a profession has never been easy, but today it seems it is harder than ever to make that decision. Even if you spent years on education, it is quite possible you will have to improve constantly and even to re-educate because the​job market is always changing.​The services sector has always attracted a lot of people, and care and beautification services are high on demand. It is the same with professions for this kind of service. Lately, many professions are disappearing, but the opportunities for retraining are great.

If you want to choose a profession for yourself, a profession that will fulfil your ambitions and give you a stable income we suggest you to consider the lash artist profession.


10 reasons why the profession of lash artist should be your choice of profession (by iLash crew):

  • No prior knowledge is requiredThe educations are short
  • A large number of educations and educators are available
  • Educations and work materials at the same place (same company)
  • Investing in your own business is possible and not too demanding
  • Cooperation with other professionals who provide care and beauty services
  • Possibility to work at home
  • Flexible schedule
  • High income
  • Making someone happy
  • No prior knowledge is required

Don’t take this wrong. Although you don’t have to finish medical school to be a lash artist, it will take time to learn, educate and train. Lash extensions are not only practice, it is also a lot of theory knowledge. If you want to do your job like a pro, you have to know all details. To know the composition of each product, its advantages and disadvantages and to master them. For example, if you know glue ingredients you will know the difference between allergic reaction your client has and eye infection (both manifested as a red eye).

The educations are short

If you already googled lash education you’ve figured out they last for one or two days. Some brands have workshops as extra training. Of course, it is not possible to learn everything in such a short period of time, but you will get a good base to work on.
iLash extensions education center has next ​educations:​

–  The Basic Eyelash extension course (individual)

–  Basic Classic lash workshop – 7 hours

–  Volume Lash Training (2-15D)

–  Volume lash workshop (7 Hours)

–  Train the trainer training

So, a few days compared with years and years of university sounds pretty awesome. But, would you dare to start working with clients after just a few days of training? We hope your answer is: NO. Because, you have a lot of practice to do before starting to work with clients. You can practice on dolls or your female relatives and friends. We guess they will spend time with you only in a lying position for the next few months. Only after a year of practice you will be able to work independently. Still, not bad compared with at least 4 years of university education. Right?A large number of educations and educators are availableFor some people a great number of education and educators are not good, but for us it is an advantage.Why? Because, you will be able to choose within the budget you have. Not all education and educators cost the same. Our educator is highly appreciated. Elizna Tripkovic is an educator with 15 years of experience and also one of very few Lash INC accredited educators for educators. There is no limit in the number of educations you can attend. You can set limitations for yourself, no one else. Turn off vanity and ego, turn on the mode: constant improvement​and you are on the right tracks.

Educations and work materials at the same place (same company)

In time you are going to figure out which products you prefer the best, but for beginners it is of a great importance to have it all in one place. Education and products. At any moment you can resolve doubts because nobody knows products better than educators for the brand itself. i​Lash extensions shop​​has absolutely everything you need for lashes extensions. Different types of lashes and glues, equipment and tools. And that’s not all. It has become a rule for brands to give​intense support f​or trainees. Ask for advice and you will get it. It is very important for beginners.

Investing in your own business is possible and not too demanding

Every start is difficult, it is indisputable, but if you don’t have to invest a lot, it will be much easier and you will decide to try. For the beginning of a lash artist job use only what you really need. Even if that means you will have to work harder. It pays of. Choose ​mix mink classic​or ​mix mink volume​lash extensions. Buy a small package of glue. You don’t have to own all shapes of tweezers for the start. Buy a straight and one or two more tweezers you prefer the most. Make small steps and you will make a long distance. Research shows that 70% of lash artists are self employed. We know a lot of lash artists that eventually became educators and even started their own brand.

Cooperation with other professionals who provide care and beauty services

If you have your own business space, you are very lucky. If you don’t have and you are not in a position to buy or rent one, try joining with other care or beautification practitioner. There are services close to lash extensions which can be combined in one beauty salon or center. Be careful if you choose a nail artist. In this case you need to have completely separate rooms because lash extensions products and nail art products are not in love.

Possibility to work at home

In this Covid19 era, working at home can bring you safety and minimise expenses. This will give you an opportunity to invest in products and to educate. Follow all precautions and make sure your customers follow them as well. If you are very flexible you can even go to your clients home (if you have a car to transport cosmetic bed). Some clients would prefer a new set of lashes in their own home.

Flexible schedule

This is, nowadays, a really big plus for choosing this profession. Instead of fixed working hours 8 AM to 4 PM (or 9 AM to 5 PM), even shifts work which you can’t change, you are making your own schedule based on your needs and obligations. Work more when it is needed or work less when it is possible.

High income

Maybe this seems exaggerated, especially for beginners, but if you take your job seriously and do it thoroughly, the only limit to your earnings will be yourself.
If you come in a position to turn down clients, hire someone to help you. Don’t let yourself be guided by quantity rather than quality. Quality sells itself. Quality service has a higher price.

International research from 2016​came to interesting conclusions regarding the lash artist profession. 80 % of lash artists are satisfied with their choice of a career. Lash artists are very popular on a global level and this won’t change any time soon. How much you can earn? Let’s take a look on numbers by research we already mentioned:

  • up to 60 $ for one set – 6%
  • from 61 to 120 $ for one set – 42% from121 to
  • 180 $ for one set – 31% over 181 $ for one set – 12%
  • 9% of artists didn’t answer.

Making someone happy

Although working with people is stressful and demanding, it is also a job that brings the biggest satisfaction. Your work will make someone happy, it will make someone prettier, give authenticity, it will raise confidence or spare someone’s time. Someone will be satisfied because of you. A happy and satisfied client is the best ad you can have. You will be happy and proud of yourself. Your job is to make people beautiful and happy and you earn good living from it, you are happy to, can it get better?

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