When I grow up, I will be a lash artist!

You want to become a lash artist? You have made the decision and think you have all you need. Strong ambition, attitude and high motivation. You have funds for education and for a decent beginning. But…now you are stuck? How to choose education and an educator? How to choose material for work? It can be so easy to overspend in the beginning and let’s face it, if you buy everything one lash artist should have, it would far exceed the budget you have.

So, let’s start from the beginning. Under the assumption you don’t have any previous experience, the very first education you should have is classic lash extensions training 1:1. This is the only training that doesn’t require you to have any previous experience. This is where you will learn classic lash extensions 1:1. But what exactly is 1:1? It is the method by which one individual lash extension is attached to one individual natural lash to create a fuller, thicker and longer lash.


Most of 1:1 courses last one or two days. Without theory there is no practice, even when it comes to lash extensions, so it will all begin with theory. The duration of the theoretical part varies and can last a couple of hours, or even a whole day. iLash extensions education center has 1:1 lash extensions course that lasts one day (8 AM – 4 PM) with approximately 2 hours for theory.

To emphasize, 1:1 classic course is for beginners without previous experience. If you want to take this job seriously, you must complete this training. Google and Youtube are great and useful but only after a great foundation was created with a trainer, these platforms do not replace a trainer’s expertise or guidance. They can’t. Can you get some information from those platforms…? Absolutely but our advice is: Get the basics right the first time. Even if you have to settle for a smaller start up package at first, spend the money on proper training. They do not say “buying cheap can be expensive in the end”, for nothing. Save funds for education so you can start a career as a lash artist and be a success. So many professional and successful Lash judges and trainers in Serbia and around started their careers with iLash extensions, So we decided to continue with training in South Africa as well.


What will you learn in the training? When it comes to theory, you will have the opportunity to:

  • learn all about products used for lash extensions 1:1 (lashes, glue, primer, remover, tweezers, etc.)
  • learn how to choose lashes for each client (in accordance with the eye shape and client wishes)
  • learn about correct application, removal and making corrections
  • learn how to maintain hygiene (space, equipment and tools) and run a successful business

me brands provide a video presentation after you complete the training. This is great because you can go over everything as many times as needed.


Before you earn your certificate you have to go through practical training. Some brands use a professional training mannequin head and others prefer live models. Now, it is time for theory to become practice with an educator by your side helping you, giving you guidelines and advice of all kinds. iLash extensions educator in South Africa Elizna Tripkovic have many years of experience and a large number of satisfied students who learned from Elizna, not only the 1:1 technique, but also the volume.

Lash extension courses are not different only in price and duration, but also in one very important thing. Courses can be individual or group. Groups can be small, 3 to 4 students or large. iLash extensions training 1:1 is group training with maximum 4 students. Small groups are good because educators have time for each student and the group gives dynamic, creativity and information exchange.


The price of lash extensions education 1:1 varies a lot, it goes from 100 euros to several hundred euros. Beside education most brands give material and tools for work.

iLash extensions education center provides a starter kit that we specially put together for students on a budget but still making sure you have all you need to get started.


  • Strong glue 5 ml
  • Glue remover 15 ml
  • Glue primer 15 ml
  • 2 tweezers for classic lashes extensions
  • 2 Mixed tray lashes
  • Make-up remover 100 ml
  • Eyewash 100 ml
  • 10 mascara brushes
  • 10 micro brushes
  • 10 micro swabs
  • 5 pairs under eye pads
  • Medical Silicone tape
  • Medicinska traka
  • Jade Stone
  • Ventilator

Don’t worry, after you complete the course you will know what all of the above are. And you will have enough stock to continue practicing on your own. You just have to find models. Our educators say you will run out of lashes first, because at the beginning of the lash artist’s career you might waste a lot while perfecting your technique. The good news is the iLash online shop has lashes on discount very often. With Monthly specials like that, you are sure to save if you keep a lookout.

Mink mix is a great choice for beginners who don’t have many clients. And how to choose shape, length and thickness? You will be able to learn this if you join our lash extensions 1:1 education which will be held on shortly and on request, Elizna will try her best to give you a good basis for success to continue as a lash artist.

If you want to apply for the training, send us an e-mail: info@lastingcosmetics.co.za or give us a call: +27825666481.

1:1 Classic lash extension training is for beginners. It lasts for a short time, it doesn’t cost much, it is the basis for working as a lash artist.

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