“The LASHES my dear!

“It’s like…WHAM!!!” my friend explains excitedly, fluttering her eyes at me – “like REALLY KAWOW!” She could have spared the dramatics – one look at her face and I could see… something was different. Mental checklist: New haircolor? No. Some new piercing I missed? Thank goodness no. Something about her face looked different – brighter, almost.

Then it hit me – the lashes! She had gotten false eyelashes and I must admit – it looks gorgeous. It made such a huge difference while not being intrusive at all – just up my alley.

So what’s the deal with fake eyelashes? How has it transcended from the occasional dress-up treat to an every-day must-have? I suspect this has to do with the amazing variety and quality of lashes available on the market today. Lashes stay on in water so no waterworks panics; you get different styles, colors and shapes (yes – shapes!); you can also make a safe choice regarding the type of product you want to apply and how it’s applied.

So we get it – lashes are a big deal. But how do you as a business owner get your hands on the good stuff?

A major factor is your vendor / supplier. Some research is needed – we have all fallen victim to frauds and con artists looking to make quick buck. So take the time and do your homework.

A big hoorah for the internet!- research is easily done. Here are some tips for things to look for in finding a reputable supplier:

1. Once you’ve come across a website – is It user-friendly and easy to navigate?

2. Are there any reviews posted regarding service / quality of products? Is there any feedback regarding delivery times, product availability etc?

3. Is the site information current –(you are looking for product specifications and updates here) 4. Can you shop online directly from the site?

5. Do they have representatives / a call center if you have any queries or complaints?

6. How wide is their variety of products? -or do they specialize in a specific area that you are interested in?

7. Do you maybe recognize some of the brands they are supplying and can you relate to the quality of the product?

So yes, a little effort in research will go a long way towards the success of your own business. Check in next time for a short discussion on building great customer – supplier relations and maintaining the good vibes (just like those pretty lashes!).

Speak soon ladies and have a wonderful day!

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