There are countless options for permanent lining of the lips, so it’s important to choose the color that suits you best, as we’re all different. Regardless of whether you prefer a powerful and lively effect or subtle and natural variants, there are three things you should discuss with your makeup expert.

Your lifestyle

Finding the perfect color depends on your current lifestyle and all kinds of makeup that you use on a daily basis. Keep in mind what you want to do in your free time, what would be appropriate for office and what kind of lipstick you are currently using. Always take your favorite lipstick to your makeup specialist, so they can get the best idea of what you are looking for.

If you want something that will go well with any make-up combination or just want your lips to look perfect, choose a color that follows the natural shade of your lips. You may even try one or two shades darker to get more definition, but without getting too much impact. If red lips are your primary choice, and have been so for a while, then go for it! With the permanent makeup you will no longer have to check if you have traces on your teeth.

Your skin tone

It is vital to choose a color that matches your skin tone. Every professional makeup artist will analyze your skin and make sure that the color you choose is perfect for you. Generally, the rule is that the lighter complexion goes well with cooler colors, especially those on the bluer end of the spectrum, while the darker skin requires warmer tones.

Equally important is the ability of your beautician to recognize the skin undertones. Our skin usually has more yellow or pink undertone, but you should trust the make-up artists who are trained in detection of colors to get the best advice for your unique complexion. Be patient in your decision, take as much time as necessary to choose the color that will fit perfectly.

The shape of your lips

Some people have naturally full lips and just wants to enhance their natural color, while some have thinner, less defined lips and want to improve them to look fuller. As with the traditional lipstick, the natural color of your lips plays a big role in how they will appear after the treatment. Experts in permanent makeup know exactly what effect can be achieved, so that you’ll know what to expect afterwards. If it’s the uneven lip shape that you want to correct, the color can be matched to your natural tone. This creates the perfect base for further coloring, should you desire something more striking.

Use these tips when planning a permanent make-up treatment and you’ll be well on your way to get the perfect look!