You’ve decided to become a lash artist. Everything is ready, you are waiting for your classic 1:1 training. You’ve asked around and you know what path to take. And you want to start from the beginning. Whomever you asked, you received the same answer. First thing first: classic 1:1 training.

And then you met a friend, a special one. We all have at least one. Great looking, attractive, with beautiful hair, smooth, shiny skin and of course with a freshly done set of mink lashes.

You are talking about your plans and she listens carefully. But with that look on her face. That look is telling you:” it’s not how you should do it. I will teach you how to do it..” After you finish talking, she strikes. With her eyes wide open she asks: Do you know what this is? Pointing to one of her eyes. She doesn’t wait for an answer. She gives one: Yes, yes. Those are the famous mink lash extensions. She makes a pause and then suddenly yells: VOLUME. She tells her story. Her lash artist Nadja is very young, 23, maybe 25 years old and she didn’t even have classic 1:1 training. She is so good in volume lash extensions and she earns a lot. Why waste your time with classic training? After that she kept talking but…. you didn’t hear her anymore, all you are thinking is to skip some steps and jump to volume training.

Does this story sound familiar? We all know this kind of person. A person capable of planting a seed and changing plans with their loud thinking and giving advice no one asked for, also they are giving advice on something they know nothing about. A person who believes they are the smartest and knows best. And we all know that we should not take them seriously and we should not let them interfere in things they don’t even understand. But, her story threw you off your thinking course, didn’t it?

You’ve spent days thinking, collecting relevant information. What is bothering you? Let’s guess. Numbers? We all work for money and money is the best motivator. And numbers are saying: price for a set of 1:1 lash extension varies. It goes up from 2500 RSD. The price for a set of volume lash extensions goes up from 3500 RSD, and a 1000 RSD difference is big. What about time? It takes 2 hours for 1:1 and 2.5 hours for volume lash extensions. Correction is done one in every 2, 3 or even 4 weeks with the price 1500 RSD and more. You are receiving different information from different people and you don’t know which lash extensions are more wanted. 

One thing is sure and should be remembered…Only a satisfied client will come back again. Only satisfied clients can bring new clients, approximately 2. Is it possible to have happy and satisfied clients after short time spent training and working?  After jumping in a job that requires intense training and work experience. Remember, there is no quick ride to  success. Ask yourself a few questions. 

Will I have difficulties without 1:1 training? 

What would I learn in 1:1 training? 

Is it possible to learn 1:1 without training, on your own? 

Is it possible to do only volume lash extensions? 

These are questions we ask you:

Did you know, not even one serious brand will allow for beginners to attend volume lash training? 

Did you know, educators will not waste time on basic things in volume or advanced training you should already know? 

Do you think you will be able to make a lash fan when you never tried to apply one lash extension to one natural lash? 

Do you think you will be quick enough and skilled enough when you don’t know anything about glue, for example?

Do you think you will be good at your work? 

Do you think clients won’t notice lack of self confidence and experience?

We will give you answers. Skipping 1:1 training is not recommended. This is basic training where you learn the basics of the lash artist’s job. You can’t work without this training. Yes, you can find a lot of information online but it can’t change practical training. You won’t find out tips and tricks online either. 

Without 1:1 training and practice you can’t be a lash artist. Serious brands won’t allow you to attend volume lash training if you are a beginner. Not even one educator will teach you 1:1 theory while at volume lash training. If you ask something you should already know, it won’t be with approval, but with judgement. 

We won’t mention speed, flexibility, improvisation and skills in making a lash fan. If you never applied one lash extension on one natural lash, how are you going to apply a lash fan? In volume training most of the time is spent teaching and perfecting the fan, not the basics.

And the most important, clients will notice insecurities and bad results. Don’t risk bad references because it is very hard to fix damage they can cause. They say for every satisfied client 2 more will come but for every unsatisfied client 10 potential new clients are lost.

I have an example to tell you that I love when they explain it to students in school.

‘You start to build your house but you don’t have enough bricks so you just space the bricks out as you think will be ok and then the next layer you lay some more bricks but again with holes, by the time you have reached the 10’th layer a wind blows and the whole wall falls over’…Why? Correct the foundation was not strong. With anything in life make sure you have a strong foundation and from there only success can be built.   

Elizna Tripkovic tried to teach herself first from the internet to do lashes and it was ok she could get some things right and from afar the lashes looked ok on the clients(they didn’t know better). Then she went for training at a registered lash company in South Africa but the trainer was new, she had only been giving training for a month or so and had just qualified herself some months ago. After the training and again practicing for some months still her pictures just didn’t look like those on the internet so she went for another training but this time with someone that has been training for years with years of experience…the difference was day and night. Training is very important 100% but finding a trainer that wants to share everything with you and has gone through all the problems and found solutions, that is priceless and in the long term saves you so much money. 

With good proper training no matter where you find yourself in the world your salon bed will be filled with clients.

So let’s go back to the beginning again, right? One step at the time. First 1:1 training, get some work experience and then volume training. 

At iLash extensions education center we have both trainings coming soon. Our educators Elizna Tripkovic and Dragana Ivkovic will be of a huge help sharing their knowledge with trainees.

iLash extension education center 1:1 and volume lash extensions training will be held on 24, 25 and 26 September. Our educator Dragana Ivkovic will provide many tricks for participants which will make their job easier to do and to achieve phenomenal results. iLash extensions 1:1 and volume lash training programs are made by Elizna Tripkovic, one of the very few Lash INC accredited educators for education. 

If you want to apply for the training, send us an e-mail: or give us a call: +381 65 227 0980, +381 11 227 0980, +381 66 227 080, +381 11 450 5769