You have a routine in classic 1: 1 lash extensions. You have a large number of 1:1 lash sets, regular customers who come religiously for corrections. You have confidence, a steady hand and you are proud of your work. It’s time to move to the next level. It’s time to add volume lash extensions to your services on offer. But not before you go through the training.

Volume lash training is only for lash artists with experience. To be able to follow volume lash training you have to finish 1:1 training first and also have some practical experience. We have to point this out because it happens that girls want to speed up the education process and skip the 1:1 education which is not recommended. Most brands will not allow beginners to attend volume lash training, but there will always be those trainers whose main and only business motive is: money. Every profession requires a certain level of education and experience, so why shouldn’t that rule also apply to the job of a lash artist? There is a common misconception that it is not difficult to train for a lash artist, but the truth is that there is a lot to learn and hours of practice in order to be good at your job.

In the iLash extension education center you can learn the classic 1:1 lash extensions, but also the volume lash extensions. Our educators Elizna Tripkovic and Dragana Ivkovic have years of experience, not only in doing lash extensions but also as educators. Besides education, there are also workshops (half-day and daily) where you can solve all those small hiccups and overcome problems you might have and experience in your work. 

Volume lash extension training usually lasts for 2 days, but some brands can add another day so the trainees will have more time to practice if needed. Volume training has theoretical and practical parts. iLash extension education center has 2 days of volume training (9 AM to 4 PM). It can be individual or in a small group.


Basic 1:1 education gave you basic knowledge about lash extensions. You know what tool and equipment to use, you know all about hygiene and should know about lash shapes, thicknesses and lengths and how to attach a single lash perfectly to a natural one. Volume lash training (theory) is about development of this technique and building on it. It is about learning which type of extensions to use. You will learn which lash length, shape and thickness is used for volume lash extensions. You will learn 3 techniques of making a lash fan. There is so much information to be covered in the volume training, about the zones and how to map out the shapes and weight of lashes, different combinations of curls and thicknesses to mix and match. Once you have covered all that, you will move on to practice.

The practical part

Almost all brands offering training in volume lash extensions practice on models. The only difference might be whether you bring your model or the lash training organiser will provide models. Educators will teach you how a lash fan should look, how to do mapping and layering and also posture and dipping (the correct amount of adhesive to use). So much advice can be given once you see the Student in action working on a model. Attention to detail will help you cut your time and improve your quality of work. 


Price for volume lash extensions training varies a lot. You can hardly find this education under 200 euros (education only, no materials), and it is very likely you will have to pay more. In addition to education, many brands also offer a package of products necessary for lash volume extensions, at a discounted price to help students get started. iLash extensions education center gives opportunity to buy a starter kit.

Starter kit:

  • Purple speed glue 5 ml
  • 2 volume lash L tweezer
  • 4 Mixed tray lashes 0.05/0.07/0.10, Camelia
  • Lash Mirror
  • Lash mini fan
  • Nano mister
  • Plastic palet

iLash extension education center volume lash extension training will be held on 24, 25 and 26 September. Our educator Dragana Ivkovic will provide many tricks for participants which will make their job easier to do and to achieve phenomenal results. iLash extensions volume lash training program is made by Elizna Tripkovic, one of the very few Lash INC accredited educators for education. 

If you want to apply for the training, send us an e-mail: or give us a call: +381 65 227 0980, +381 11 227 0980, +381 66 227 080, +381 11 450 5769